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About Our Project



First Meeting 9/8/2011
Purpose: Form The Team, Share Research
Team Charter (15 mins)
Decide on Repo (2min)
- git on github
Share Research (10 min)
- :P wouldn't you like to know
Brainstorm AI (15 min)
Divide up work for Wiki and PPT (3 mins)
- Jamaal is going to work on sections 2,5 and 7
- Barrett is going to work on sections 6 and 9
- Danny is going to work on sections 3,4 and 8.
Length: 40 mins

Second Meeting 9/11/2011

Purpose: Review Initial Proposal
A few things were deemed unnecessary and so they were removed.
Barrett: Helping fill in the gaps on the learning section
Jamaal: Finishing up the general AI section
Danny: Adding a section about testing against a human
Everyone: Slides to Barrett by early Monday

Length: 30mins

Presentation: 9/13/2011

Proposal: 9/13/2011